The Symptoms

My dear senses, you have let me down. You too, my one and only imagination. I keep tweaking my own portrait, over and over again, and I bend the contours of everything and everyone. But does this make it the world according to me, once and for all? How does one look outside of here? And what if there’s nothing out there to look at? Is that just another thing that I project? I want clothes to protect the outside world from me. For I have come to the conclusion that there are no miracles.

Nothing there - or do dreams go to sleep during the day?

The real-time video technology employed by this piece reacts to the position in space of a body in motion, as well as its shape, direction, and dynamics of movement, transforming the gestures of the six dancers into the projection of their anxieties and fantasies, and their web of relations into a mobile abstract painting.

“Innovative to the bone, Réka Szabó’s new work is based on an overwhelmingly creative idea. Thanks to superb dance character performances, first-rate jazz compositions by Albert Márkos, remarkable costumes by Fruzsina Nagy, and fascinating space and lighting design by Attila Szirtes, […] we glimpse the outlines of an emerging opus whose originality, intellectual drive, playfulness, wit, and refinement must be declared truly exceptional–not only in the context of contemporary dance scene of Hungary, but by any standard you care to apply.” (Krisztina Horeczky, Népszabadság)


Réka Szabó

DancersÁkos Dózsa, Rita Góbi, Andrea Nagy, Dániel Szász, Zsófia Tamara Vadas, Imre Vass


Albert Márkos


Attila Szirtes


Fruzsina Nagy


ca. 65 min

Where, When & How much?

Thursday 22.07.2010, 20:30
Theaterlabor Tor 6

Advanced Booking 14 €* / 12 €** [reduced rate 12 €* / 10 €**]
Box Office 16 €* / 14 €** [reduced rate 14 €* / 12 €**]
Workshop-Participants 12 €* / 10 €**

* Category 1 / ** Category 2