Ferenc Fehér Company

Orpheus marathon - on the throne of the electric chair

Ferenc Fehér is a dancer and choreographer. He has never had any formal dance training but due to the styles influencing his art (free style dance, martial arts) and when working with Anikó Juhász (O. Caruso) he created his own style. He worked continuously with the Company Finita la Commedia – directed by Anikó Juhász (O. Caruso) from 1999 to 2007. He has been making his own choreographies since 2007.

Regarding the performance, he sent this poem:

„Crime and punishment“

by Pilinszky János

The walled-up fancy
keeps on reciting –
On the electric chair throne of the
The face is still there
The nape plunged in a rock
Beautiful hand-
The pore of your skin is still there.
The summer still lasts.
Let down your sceptre, queen.


Ferenc Fehér

DancersFerenc Fehér, Judit Simon


Ferenc Fehér


Ferenc Fehér


Gabi Bánki


ca. 45 min


Where, When & How much?

Monday 26.07.2010, 20:30
Theaterlabor Tor 6

Advanced Booking 14 €* / 12 €** [reduced rate 12 €* / 10 €**]
Box Office 16 €* / 14 €** [reduced rate 14 €* / 12 €**]
Workshop-Participants 12 €* / 10 €**

* Category 1 / ** Category 2