Pál Frenák Company


Pál Frenák considers this choreography as part of a long process of creation, the previous stage of which was Instinct. While the latter performance focused on the emptiness of relations in general, this time the choreographer continues by revealing the complexity of our relationships.

There are five dancers on the stage. At times they motionlessly observe the others’ fight from outside and at a distance, while in other situations they intervene in the web of complicated and subtle human relationships. How can one person become reality for the other? Can the desire for one another remain unfulfilled forever? The reality and penetrability of bodies is an eternal question. Is the other person truly real? Must we fall back from the relationships’ incomprehensible insecurity to our own cruel exclusive reality?



Pál Frenák

DancersZoltán Fekete, Emese Jantner, Viktória Kolozsi, Lisa Kostur, Nelson Reguera, Balázs Czéh


Gilles Gauvin


János Marton


Attila Hajas


Gergely Szabó


Péter Molnár


ca. 60 min


Where, When & How much?

Thursday 29.07.2010, 20:30
Theaterlabor Tor 6

Advanced Booking 16 €* / 14 €** [reduced rate 14 €* / 12 €**]
Box Office 18 €* / 16 €** [reduced rate 16 €* / 14 €**]
Workshop-Participants 12 €* / 10 €**

* Category 1 / ** Category 2