Admirers of classical music know the "Rudolf-Oetker-Halle" as an acoustic masterpiece. Since the building was opened in 1930, the concert hall has collected orchestras, conductors and soloists from all over the world like a magnet. 

At the end of the concert season however, one week before school holidays begin, the Kulturamt technicians move into the dignified space and bring in truckloads of equipment, transforming the concert hall within a week into a dance center. On Monday morning everything is ready. The "Rudolf-Oetker-Halle" is now the focal point of the "Tanzfestival". For a two week period, it will be the meeting place for dance enthusiasts from Bielefeld and the region, as well as from all over Germany and beyond. 

The metropolitan rail station stop "Rudolf-Oetker-Halle" is right in front of the building. Participants cross the outside staircase and enter the foyer, where they are greeted at the reception desk by members of the "Tanzfestival" staff. The festival office is located on the left side of the foyer; here you can find further information and take care of any formalities in regard to bookings or rebooking of workshops. The studios are located on two different floors of the building and are clearly designated by placards. 

Each studio has its own atmosphere. The "Großer Saal" (Studio 1) is huge. The dance space takes up only a small part of the 1.400 seat area used during concert operations. This hall also includes the large stage that is used at the end of the second week to celebrate the exuberant final stage presentation. The "Kleiner Saal" (Studio 2) on the other hand, gives the impression of being in a fairy-tale castle. Monumental chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and on the front side, a wall-sized tapestry serves as a decoration. A Steinway grand piano for the ballet training accompanist is located on the small stage. The "Orchesterraum" has a totally different aura. Normally, orchestra musicians use this space to prepare for their performances. The foyer of the "Kleiner Saal" is the youngest of the four studios. Equipped with sprung dance flooring, this space has allows us to offer a larger range of workshops in the "Rudolf-Oetker-Halle". 

With the addition of the new workshops, the Rudolf-Oetker-Halle has become too small for all of the courses. Thanks to the festival's artistic directors, Ulla and Tchekpo Dan Agbetou, a studio for these workshops will be available at their dance studio DansArt. The address is: Am Bach 11, 33602 Bielefeld. The studio is located in the middle of the city and can be easily reached via the metropolitan rail system: stops "Landgericht" or "Rathaus".

During the breaks in the workshop schedule, there are opportunities to shop at the "Tanzboutique" run by Susanne J., or to have a bite at the "Festivalcafé". The "Bürgerpark" in the immediate vicinity - especially when the weather is nice - offers rest and relaxation.