TOR 6 Theaterhaus

The presentation performances of the Main-Program are held at the TOR 6 Theaterhaus. It is owned by an internationally performing alternative theater collective, the "Theaterlabor". During the summer holidays, the space is reserved for the "Tanzfestival". The theater is located in an interesting city district, an urban renewal project done in collaboration with the EXPO 2000 on the site of a former machine factory. The project brings residential, cultural, educational, and guest facility sectors together to a shared space. During the "Tanzfestival", the theater can seat an audience of 287. There is numbered raised seating, allowing excellent and unobstructed views of the 12 x 18 meter stage. Visitors can linger in the pleasantly decorated foyer, where beverages are sold at reasonable prices. All performances begin at 20:30, giving participants whose last workshop end at 19:45 ample time to reach the "TOR 6 Theaterhaus" via the metropolitan railway.