Hip Hop

Rymon Zacharei, also known by his pseudonym “Rayboom”, was born in 1985 in Bagdad, Iraq, and grew up in Egypt, until he moved to Germany at the age of fourteen. He started dancing at nineteen, inspired by hip-hop and R’n’B music. Since 2005, he dances in all urban stiles, like popping, locking, house and hip-hop. He has been teaching at the Tanzhaus NRW since 2010, where he is the director of the new Jugend-Tanz Kompanie and of several hip-hop projects with young people. In his dancing style, the dancer, coach and instructor combines elements of martial arts with contemporary dance moves. He is a member of the group “Bad Newz M.P.” in Düsseldorf, as well as a member of the “Flying Steps” (since 2015), touring with the show “Flying Bach”.

Language: German