When do I need to arrive at the workshop?

Please allow for some time to change your clothes and please arrive at least 15 minutes before the workshop begins to avoid any delays.

Do I need an identification card?

Yes, you must bring your registration card with attached photo to each workshop class.

When is my registration valid?

Your registration is valid after full payment of the registration fee. Please be aware that a bank transaction may take up to ten days.

Can outside guests attend any of the workshops?

No. The only exceptions are: of course parents and/or guardians during children's workshops, official members of the press, registered dance professionals, and relatives of the dancers who will have to obtain a guest ID at the Festival Office.

Why are there no full-length dance mirrors in the studios?

During the normal season, the Rudolf-Oetker-Halle is a concert hall, and the facility is converted only for a short time for the workshop operations.

Are tickets for the presentation performances available to participants at a reduced rate?

Participants can obtain tickets for the presentation performances at a reduced rate of 12,- €/10,- € (1. Balcony/ 2. Balcony). In the final presentation performance at the Rudolf-Oetker-Halle performers participate free of charge. Further tickets are available for friends and family at the festival office at an advance sale reduced rate of 10,- €. Tickets for the programme at the DansArt Theatre are available for participants at a reduced rate of 4,- € and 6,- €, depending on the price category.

What do I have to bear in mind regarding the Corona Protection Regulation in force during the festival?

As municipal event organizer, we are expected to coordinate our decisions according to the administrative orders. Therefore, we can clarify the conditions under which the dance festival will take place only shortly before the event. You will find current information on our website tanzfestival-bielefeld.de

What happens if courses cannot take place?

Don’t worry: in case a workshop is cancelled, we will reimburse the complete course fee as soon as possible.

Where can tickets be purchased in advance?

Tickets can be purchased at the Tourist-Information in the Neues Rathaus, Tel. (+49) 521 51 69 99 and at the business office of the newspaper Neue Westfälische, Tel: (+49) 521 55 54 44, as well as at all CTS ticket agencies.

Any other questions?

Nicole Steckel: (+49) 521 51 39 62
Anja Engler: (+49) 521 51 85 89
Annika Langenfelder: (+49) 521 51 36 71

Fax: (+49) 521 51  81 21
E-Mail: info(at)tanzfestival-bielefeld.de

During the two-week festival in summer, the festival office will move to the Rudolf-Oetker-Halle and can be reached on the following number: (+49) 521 51 82 38.