The courses are divided into different proficiency levels.

Level A

for beginners (with no or little dance experience)

Level Ifor beginners with basic dance experience (at least 1 year’s experience in the selected dance style)

Level II

for those with advanced dance experience

Level III

for very advanced and professional dancers

The workshops are open to all participants who meet the workshop’s proficiency levels. In collaboration with the instructors and the festival office, the management reserves the right to change the proficiency levels of workshops during the first two days depending on the participants’ experience.

If you are not sure which course fits your level of proficiency, you may purchase a "Kurs-Tageskarte", or introductory one-day ticket for the first day, at a cost of € 25 for each course. The ticket price will be credited to any full-course booking. There are no reduced fees or discounts for a "Tageskarte".