Ange Koué

Hype & Popping-Locking
France / Ivory Coast

Ange Koué was born in Ivory Coast, then came to France, and founded his first group One Creator in 1989. From 1991-1995, he underwent training at Crew OPosse. He founded the Company BoogieSai in 1996 and toured with it internationally from 1996-1998. During those years, he deepened his skills working with Brian Green, Sua Pop, Sketer Rabbit, Poppin Taco, Wiggles, Poppin Pete.

Later, he added new dance styles like Jazz Dance, Capoeira and Acrobatics to his repertoire. In 1998, he became choreographic assistant for Pierre Doussaint.

As a renowned artist within the Hip-Hop scene, he teaches Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Hype and Boogaloo Pop on a national as well as international level, and is often invited as judge for renowned battles like Juste Debout.

Language: English

Studio 4

16:30- 18:00
level II
18:15- 19:45
level I