Christian „Flockey“ Mavatiko

Hip Hop/Locking

Flockey is considered to be one of the best-known Locking dancers in Europe. His style was influenced by groups like Soul Train & James Brown and even more so: The Lockers. Don Campbell, a member of the Company The Lockers, invented the dance style Locking towards the end of the 60’s in its original form and made it popular with his group. Flockey has also been inspired by the Funk and Soul era of the 70’s, which can be seen in his dance style. 

 As a member of the crew Bad Newz MP, Flockey successfully took part in various Urban Dance Events. He has won battles such as Funkin Stylez, Super Jam/Sweden, and Nothing But Flavor/Switzerland. In 2011 he won the German battle "Just debout".

Flockey was at the Tanzfestival Bielefeld 2011 und 2012.