Damian Gmür


Damian Gmür is a dance graduate from the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Zurich. Today, he works as a freelance choreographer and instructor. He has an intense teaching schedule at academies, dance companies international dance festivals.

His work thrives very much on the alternation of body tension and relaxation (release technique), as well as on fathoming gravity and playing with it. Working on the natural body alignment in order to promote health and an anatomy-suited training is another aspect; at the same time, movements become effortless which makes it possible to find freedom and to widen the movement limits of the body. These basics make sure the dance style is dynamic and expressive and help in finding ever new forms of motion.

Contemporary Dance – Performing Skills

Musicality as well as the change of dynamics and movement quality define a proficient dancer. Therefore, the focus is put on the moving body and on the intent of using different dynamics and movement qualities from diverse dancing styles (from release technique and urban dance styles to capoeira and floor work) in order to create a valuable dancer’s training. Characteristics are: the antagonism of body tension and relaxation, fathoming and playing with gravity, and the sharpening the consciousness of the natural functionality of the body.

An extensive warm-up at the beginning will help the participants to learn how to exploit space, gravity and respiration to a greater extent, to create body fluidity and to use “release” in order to regain energy. That will encourage us to widen our range of movements and to “take risks” while dancing. The second part will consist of some short choreographies through all spatial planes.

  • 15% making the body more fluid
  • 15% stretching & strengthening
  • 30% moving on - in and out of the ground
  • 10% technical skills /crossing the space / standing exercises
  • 30% choreographic sequences - dancing, musicality, different dynamics, taking risks, having fun

Language: German