Dhélé Agbetou

Old School / Hip Hop / for KIDS + TEENS

Already at the age of 13, the young dancer was discovering diverse hip hop dance styles. Dhélé Tchekpo Agbetou studied dance at the “DansArt Academy” in Bielefeld, Germany. Subsequently, he continued his dance education at the ”Centre International De Danse Jazz Rick Odums” in Paris.

He worked, among others, for the “Rick Odums Jazz Company” as well as for the „Young Company des Armstrong Jazz Ballet“ in Paris. Today, he is a member of the „Hype N’Spicy“ hip hop company in Paris and since 2015, he also dances for the African contemporary „Tchekpo Dance Company“ in Bielefeld. The same year, he established his own dance company called “Wake Up O.W.L Young Company”, which keeps its main focus on different hip hop styles and contemporary dance.

He takes part in diverse contemporary and urban style dance events and has been invited to Germany, Japan, U.S.A., France, Poland and Italy to teach at festivals and hip hop events, workshops and competitions. In the last couple of years, he has organized festivals, workshops and competitions such as “Break your Limits” and “O.W.L. Urban Styles” in Germany to promote the hip hop scene in his region.

In the summer of 2016, he had the chance to broaden his horizon in modern dance by joining the international program of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel. Furthermore, he has won some national as well as some international competitions all over the world and is a sought-after teacher all over Europe.

During his dance career, he has always put versatility and the acquisition of traditional and newer dances first. When teaching, fun and joy are as important as precision and understanding the individual dance styles.

Language: German

Studio 1

12:30- 14:00
Old School – New Style

Studio 3

14:45- 16:15
Ages 8 – 10
Hip Hop
for Children

Studio 3

13:00- 14:30
Ages 10 – 14
Hip Hop
for Children