Geraldine Armstrong

Jazz Dance

“My concept is fairly simple, and it gives me the chance to lead the dancers through diverse moods, sensations, and vibes. The classes consist of a warm-up, movement throughout the entire room and very musical combinations. I use blues, gospel, and jazz music. We simply take our bodies to the studio and let them swing to some beautiful music”, says Geraldine Armstrong.

Born in Grenada, the dancer and choreographer received her education with Matt Mattox. She has instructed in Europe, South America, Asia and the Caribbean Islands since 1979 and directs her own successful company in Paris. Over the years, Geraldine Armstrong has become one of the most popular instructors at the Tanzfestival.

Language: English

Studio 4

13:00- 14:30
level I
Jazz Dance
14:45- 16:15
level II
Jazz Dance