Juan Carlos Lérida


Juan Carlos Lérida is considered to be one of the best Flamenco dancers in the world. At the age of three, he began learning Flamenco in Seville. The world premiere of “El Arte de La Guerra” in August of 2006 in Berlin euphorically excited both media and public, as well as his piece “Al Toque”, which was seen last year during the performance program of the Tanzfestival. His newest work, “El Aprendizaje” premiered on the 29th of October 2011 at the Teatre L’Estruch.

In addition to Flamenco, Juan Carlos Lérida has also intensively embraced Modern and Contemporary Dance. Working as a dancer, choreographer, and director, he has enthused not only a worldwide audience, but famous Flamencas such as Belén Maya or Belén Cabanas as well, collaborating with them on projects. Juan Carlos Lérida combines and renews traditional Flamenco with Contemporary Dance. He was awarded the “Special Prize 2008” from the “Institut del Teatre” in Barcelona. 

Language: english