Junior Alberto Almeida

Street Dance/Hip Hop

His dance biography has taken him from Pantomime to Jazz, Modern Dance, Voice, Tap Dance and on to Hip Hop and Street Dance. Junior attempts to transpose the magic of the musicals from the 40s and 50s into the energy of Hip Hop and Street Dance. He is the founder, choreographer and artistic director of the Kompanie Boogie Lockers. Junior is a dance instructor for Jazz, Hip Hop and Street Dance, among others, working for the Centre International de Danse Jazz Rick Odums, and teaches at numerous international workshops and festivals.

Born in Brazil, Alberto Almeida, nicknamed "Junior", has over 25 years of dance experience and is a pioneer in the universe of Street Dance in Europe. Together with the originators of Old School Hip Hop (Locking, Popping, etc. from the US West Coast) he has brought the art form to Europe and widened its recognition. Nowadays, Junior is a worldwide coveted judge for international dance battles and shows. In his courses, he conveys the wide range of styles within Street Dance/Old School Hip Hop. Thanks to his love for dance, his humor, his never ending energy, and his charisma, he is very apt at inspiring and motivating his students.

Junior was at the Tanzfestival Bielefeld 2010.