Magali Vérin

Modern Horton Technique

Born in the city of Cayenne in French-Guyana, Magali perfected her technique during her studies at the renowned Alvin Ailey School in New York. She was awarded the Best Female Artist award at the 11th International Dance Festival in Paris and founded her own dance company Corpo M’ Co. She has worked with numerous famous choreographers such as Anne-Marie Porras, Patricia Alzetta, Patricia G. Karagozian, and Geraldine Armstrong.

Inspired by the Horton Technique, her style is a mix of artistic exploration and the development of the body language. She finds a diversity of expression very important.

Language: English

Studio 3

16:30- 18:00
level I
Modern Horton Technique
18:15- 19:45
level II
Modern Horton Technique