Matthew Hashemian Thomas

Classical Ballet

After his ballet instruction (Royal Academy of Dance, Oxford, London Contemporary Dance School, scholarship at the English National Ballet School), Matthew danced for the English National Ballet Company, then working with Dance Berlin, David Nixon, Susan Quin, and the Deutsche Oper before joining the Scapino Ballet.

Matthew has a personality that allows him, alongside a very concentrated and rigid training, to emanate looseness and musicality. For his perfect combinations from all classical techniques, he employs classical as well as modern music. Hence his classes offer a solidly based technique, gratifying the demands of beginners and professional dancers alike. The advanced level workshop includes point shoe training.

Language: German

Studio 2

09:00- 10:30
level II + III
Classical Ballet
live music
10:45- 12:15
level I
Classical Ballet I
live music
15:00- 16:00
Ages 10 – 14
for Children, live music