Odile Lacides

House Dance

Due to her family roots, Odile was interested in the traditional dances of the Antilles already at a very young age. Passing by Modern Jazz, she came to Hip Hop and since 2011 to House Dance at the Juste Debout School and at Studio Bleu, Paris, where she received her training. She teaches House Dance in France but also internationally, and participates in many competitions and TV Shows, and is a member of the House Dance Company Paradox-Sal as well as the Company Basic. She often worked as choreographic assistant of Ousmane Sy.

Through her friendly and open character, she always inspires the participants of her workshops in which she conveys the diversity of House Dance.

Language: English

Studio 3

16:30- 18:00
level I
House Dance I
18:15- 19:45
level II
House Dance