Contemporary Oriental Dance

Not only is Raksan part of the “Tanzfestival Bielefeld” for the fifth time already, but she can also look back on a 35 year-long career as a professional dancer, choreographer and dance pedagogue. Her charisma and virtuosity led her onto the biggest variety theatre stages in Germany and Switzerland as well as into the arena of Circus Roncalli. The approach she developed over three decades is inspired equally by the various dance traditions of the Near and Middle East and the modern dance, African dance, and ballet.

In her workshop, Raksan looks into the soul of oriental dance with the help of guided improvisations and interdisciplinary dance methods, whilst putting it into a contemporary, holistic perspective. A little tour to the enthralling folklore of Upper Egypt will provide the theme for the final presentation. Yallah, Saidi!!

Language: German

Studio DansArt

16:00- 18:00
all levels
Contemporary Oriental Dance