Contemporary Oriental Dance

Raksan can look back on three decades of a career as professional dancer, choreographer and teacher for oriental dance. Her path has led her to the stages of the biggest music halls in Germany and Switzerland as well as to the arenas of most popular circuses like the Roncalli Circus.

Her balancing act between western showbiz and a deeper intercultural understanding inspired the Greek filmmaker Angeliki Antoniou to shoot the TV documentary “Tänze der Nacht” (Dances of the Night) in 1997 (3SAT/ARTE/ZDF). Not only as a performer but also as a teacher, Raksan explores the question as to how the impact and expressiveness of oriental dance, which is generated from a complex dance and body language, can be explained. Her interpretation of contemporary oriental dance consistently questions the “belly dance” stereotypes and exotic phantasies from 1001 Nights. Even though still rooted in the Middle-Eastern dance traditions, she combines them with modern dance, ballet, yoga or Feldenkrais in a very natural way. The core element, however, is and remains improvisation as a holistic field of experience.

She holds workshops all over Europe in contemporary oriental dance and dance improvisation and directs ambitious professional dance projects as a choreographer.

The first course includes a holistic dance training, based on the essential vocabulary of traditional oriental dance. In guided group, dual or individual improvisations, participants will not only enhance and adopt the taught techniques but also get a better understanding of Arabic music and its interpretation.

Building on the content of the first course, more complex movement sequences will be part of the second one. Its goal is to develop a contemporary oriental choreography together.

Language: German

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11:30- 13:00
level I
Contemporary Oriental Dance
16:00- 17:30
level II
Contemporary Oriental Dance