Susanne Dickhaut


Susanne Dickhaut teaches pilates in The Center for Contemporary Dance (ZZT) at the Cologne University of Music and Dance. Her courses in pilates and contemporary dance are for professional dancers as well as for people of all ages. As dancer and choreographer, she took part in numerous dancing productions and performances, among others she had a very intense cooperation with Jennifer Muller (U.S.A.)

Susanne Dickhaut is a member of the German Pilates Association and a therapist at ”tamed“ (Tanzmedizin Deutschland) as well as fascia coach and autogenic training instructress. By adapting the body work and presenting specific subjects, she offers a pilates workshop “60 plus” this year. Susanne Dickhaut teaches with precision, experience, knowledge, and joy.

Language: German

Studio DansArt

09:00- 10:00
level I + II
11:00- 12:00
level 60+
14:00- 15:00
Niveau A + I