Susanne Dickhaut


Susanne Dickhaut is an instructor for Pilates in the Center for Contemporary Dance, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, certified sportscientist (DSHS Köln) and a free-lance dancer. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she has concentrated on teaching the Pilates method and has completed several study courses in New York. 

As a dancer, performer, trainings assistant, and choreographer, she has participated in numerous dance productions. She collaborated and assisted Jennifer Muller (USA) on the publication “Tanztechniken 2010 – Tanzplan Deutschland”, as a member of the research team in Cologne. She has internationally instructed people of all ages and physical conditions, in courses, workshops, and through personal training. 

Susanne Dickhaut instructs the Pilates method in a gentle way, using exact and individual corrective action, incorporating her wide-ranged knowledge of other techniques and methods of movement.

Language: German

Studio DansArt

10:00- 11:00
level I + II
11:15- 12:15
level II
17:30- 18:30
level A + I