Ulla Agbetou

Modern Jazz for kids + teens

Ulla Agbetou worked as a dancer in Berlin and Paris in various companies. In order to extend her abilities as a dance instructor, she completed a degree in physical therapy. In the course of time, she developed her own style of Modern Jazz and together with Tchekpo Dan Agbetou, founded the dance studio Dan’sArt Tanznetworks in 1995 in Bielefeld.

In Ulla Agbetou’s classes, children learn to use their natural urge to move creatively while gaining abilities to communicate and perceive their bodies in new ways. In 2002, the native-born “Ostwestfälin” took over the collaborative artistic direction of the Tanzfestival Bielefeld together with Tchekpo Dan Agbetou.

Language: German

Studio 3

13:00- 14:30
6 – 11 Jahre
Modern Jazz

Studio 3

14:45- 16:15
Ages 9 – 14
Modern Jazz
for Children